Electrical Solutions for Every Home

Choose American Electrical Consulting for transparent pricing and comprehensive electrical repair services. Our professional team delivers thorough assessments and solutions for all your electrical needs, ensuring a safe and functional home environment.

Residential Electrical Repair

Facing sudden electrical disruptions at home can be stressful, but our team specializes in affordable and reliable residential electrical repairs. Whether due to faulty installations, maintenance issues, or broader concerns, we prioritize safety and adhere to industry standards for optimal repairs. With our two-year satisfaction guarantee, you can trust us to rectify any issues and ensure your peace of mind.

Expert Team, Expert Solutions

At American Electrical Consulting, we offer round-the-clock emergency electrician services to ensure your safety and prevent potential hazards. Our dedicated team is committed to adhering to industry codes while promptly addressing your emergency needs.

Reliability and Quality

Trust American Electrical Consulting for all your residential electrical service needs. Count on us for reliable and quality emergency solutions that go beyond immediate fixes. Our experienced electricians not only resolve urgent issues but also identify and mitigate potential threats within your electrical system. Contact us for skilled emergency electricians who guarantee a swift and secure resolution to your electrical concerns.


Facing sudden electrical issues disrupting your home's functionality can be overwhelming. Whether it's a result of faulty installations, inadequate maintenance, or broader neighborhood concerns, restoring power is crucial for your family's well-being.

At American Electrical Consulting we specialize in affordable and reliable residential electrical repairs. Our skilled electricians prioritize safety and adhere to rigorous industry standards. We ensure the highest quality repairs, ensuring your home is safeguarded and your electrical system functions optimally. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee for two years post-service, we stand by our commitment to rectify any issues, providing you peace of mind and a well-functioning electrical system.


When you choose American Electrical Consulting for electrical repairs, you can expect transparent pricing and thorough professional service every time.


Our commitment to exceptional and affordable repair services extends to emergencies that can strike at any moment. Whether facing a total power loss or dealing with an electrical fire, our 24/7 emergency electricians are ready with advanced tools and years of experience. Count on us to handle emergencies promptly, day or night.


A struggling circuit breaker, compromising your power needs, or frequent tripping issues? Circuit breakers are the lifeblood of reliable power distribution in homes, especially as our reliance on electronic devices grows. Trust American Electrical Consulting for circuit breaker repairs, installations, and services.
Our technicians adhere to the strictest industry standards, complying with all local and state codes. Highly trained and experienced, they are equipped to address any circuit breaker service requirement, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your electrical system.


American Electrical Consulting prioritizes professionalism and excellence in providing electrical installation and wiring services that enhance your home's safety and efficiency. We offer customers a 100% satisfaction assurance for two years, providing assistance and resolutions on all services and upgrades.

Our emergency electricians, who are available 24/7, offer budget-friendly recommendations after inspecting your electrical situation. We stand by our estimates, ensuring transparency without hidden fees.


Our comprehensive wiring solutions cover the installation of electrical cables and associated components, such as:

● Circuit Boards
● Switches
● Sockets
● Outlets
● Ceiling Fans
● Lighting Fixtures


For optimal adaptation to increasing electrical demands, it's essential to upgrade and maintain home wiring. American Electrical Consulting stands prepared to assist by renewing faulty systems, ensuring compliance with local regulations, and safely and efficiently rewiring homes. Our licensed electricians guarantee expert solutions for evolving power needs.


American Electrical Consulting delivers dependable electrical solutions nationwide for homes and businesses. Our team addresses diverse electrical projects, from upgrading and replacing electrical panels to handling subpanels. Prioritizing your safety and satisfaction, we guarantee 100% fulfillment, backed by our skilled, trained, and licensed electricians, ensuring efficient and effective project completion. Trust us for right-the-first-time results.

For electrical panel replacements or upgrades, connect with our expert electricians at (305) 582-1025 to schedule prompt assistance.


Your home's electrical panel is the heart of its electrical system. Swift repair or replacement is crucial if it malfunctions. Identifying issues without a professional can be challenging. American Electrical Consulting's team assesses and diagnoses problems, recommending repairs or replacements. An outdated panel may struggle with your home's energy demands, impacting efficiency. We may suggest a replacement for enhanced energy efficiency and potential cost savings on your electricity bill. Prioritize your home's safety and energy efficiency by consulting with us for expert electrical panel services.


Often overlooked, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are crucial for home safety. These life-saving devices have rescued countless lives. Given the potential risks of fires and carbon monoxide leaks, safeguarding your home is paramount. For professional smoke detector installation, reach out to American Electrical Consulting. We prioritize your safety and are ready to assist at all times.


While carbon monoxide detectors are recommended, smoke detectors are essential. These devices can swiftly alert and prevent fire-related fatalities, offering critical early warnings. The National Fire Protection Agency suggests replacing smoke detectors every five years to ensure component reliability. Hardwiring with a battery backup is crucial for emergencies. Our electricians at American Electrical Consulting excel in installing and maintaining smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, advising on the best units for your home, and establishing a maintenance schedule for optimal functionality. Trust our expert technicians for comprehensive guidance on home safety.


The automotive landscape is evolving, with electric vehicles (EVs) becoming more prevalent, leading to a surge in demand for home EV charger installations. American Electrical Consulting responds to this shift, offering comprehensive services to facilitate effortless home EV charging station setup. Our skilled installers empower homeowners to enjoy faster and more convenient charging experiences than standard outlets.


The speed of an electric vehicle's recharge relies on both the home's electrical supply and the type of EV charging unit. EV chargers are categorized into three levels, ranging from slow to fast charging capabilities.


Standard with electric vehicles, level 1 chargers utilize a home's standard outlet, making them ideal for gradual overnight charging. As we enter a new era of transportation, American Electrical Consulting stands ready to navigate and meet the evolving needs of homeowners embracing electric vehicle technology.


American Electrical Consulting is committed to enhancing home safety and efficiency through our smart home installation services. Utilizing modern technology, our services provide families peace of mind by enabling remote monitoring of their homes. Smart home devices not only enhance security but also contribute to energy and cost savings. If you're considering a smart home system, our knowledgeable and qualified electricians are ready to assist with any project, regardless of size.


Eliminate the hassle of accidentally leaving lights on and incurring unnecessary costs by opting for our smart lighting services. Control your lights remotely through your phone, even when away from home. Incorporating automatic timers and motion sensors can significantly reduce your electricity bill. Gain ultimate control over your home's lighting with a smart lighting system.


HVAC systems often account for a substantial portion of household energy consumption. Our smart thermostat services offer substantial savings by allowing you to adjust temperatures during non-peak hours. Preheat or cool your home remotely, ensuring a comfortable environment upon your return. Experience significant energy conservation with these impactful devices. Choose American Electrical Consulting for expert guidance and seamless implementation of smart home technologies.